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Rose of Sharon Lutheran Church

42 Chesterfield - Jacobstown Rd. 

Jacobstown, NJ. 



Reminders:        Sunday worship service: 10:15 Come and worship with us

                                 Our Churches History

A Brief History:


 -April 14, 1989: 

      Rose of Sharon Lutheran Church held its first worship service in a little store front building at 54A Main Street, New Egypt, New Jersey. The congregation was holding services under the direction of our Lay minister, Barry Casaday along with Sunday school, Bible studies, and confirmation classes.


 -September, 1990:

      We began an outreach program called Little Christians.


-August, 1992:

      The congregation moved to Hornerstown Baptist Church at 13 Arneystown/Hornerstown Road. There we shared the church with the Baptist congregation. Rose of Sharon held worship services at 9:00 and the Baptist held their service at 11:00.


-July, 1996:

      Lay Minister Barry Casaday, left the congregation to continue his studies in St.Louis, At Concordia Seminary. The congregation continued under the direction of several interim pastors, with Robert Russell serving as Lay Minister. Pastor Milan Nesko retired from Calvary Lutheran Church and worked with our congregation.


-March 19, 1998:

      The Lord called Pastor Nesko home. Lay Minister Robert Russell accepted the duties as acting pastor at the request of the congregation and continues to serve to this date.


-November 22, 2003:

      Pastor Russell and Congregation President Robert Swinger met with a real estate agent to look at a vacant Church located in Jacobstown, NJ.  Later that night we held a Congregation meeting to discuss the purchase of this property. The congregation visited the property in Jacobstown the following day to make their decision.  A vote was taken and we proceeded with making an offer on this property.  Naturally there was much concern about whether this was too much for us but we left the decision to the Lord, if it was his will, it will happen. 


-December, 2003:

      We received the decision from the sellers of the Jacobstown Church; We had a new home.


-April 28, 2004:

      After so many hurtles and obstacles; we go to closing on our new home.


-May 1, 2004:

      Renovation and repairs start.


-May 9, 2004:

      We hold our first service in our new home. 


-September 12, 2004:

      Rose of Sharon Evangelical Lutheran Church, Dedicates itís new home.